May 16th, 2014 – Annie Michael “Two Wolves”

This week we had CFAC instructor Janet Britt on the show! Janet graduated from Hanover College and University of Louisville with a Masters Degree in Art Therapy; however, art education became her passion.  She concluded nineteen years of teaching at St. Francis School in Goshen in 2010.  Though St. Francis was “an incredibly rewarding experience”, her time to “color new squares” has led to several artist-in-residence projects with Jefferson County Public Schools, to Fall and Spring classes with the talented CFAC students, to individual and small classes at her private Mellwood Arts Center studio, and has left a little time for her own painting, as well.  Janet appreciates the parents of CFAC students “for supporting this program and for encouraging their growing young artists”.

Janet selected one of her middle school student’s pieces for our interpretation today! Annie Michael created this piece for a Douglass Miller emulation assignment. Students were asked to paint on wood panels and leave the piece a bit “unfinished.”


Hear more about what types of projects Janet Britt does in her classroom and lots of songs about wolves in the audio from today and be sure to check out the CFAC exhibits at Bellarmine’s McGrath Gallery. High school work will be on display until the 21st, middle school work will be up from May 25th – June 4th, and elementary work will be up from June 8-19th. The gallery is open Monday-Friday from 11AM – 6PM and on Saturdays from Noon-4PM. Janet is also teaching several camps for LVAA this summer— you can read more about them here.

May 9th, 2014 – John Nation “Wrapped and Suspended”

For the past 30-years, John Nation worked as a photographer for the Louisville Magazine. He also worked as a free-lance photographer during his time with the magazine. He has been published regionally, nationally and internationally in many magazines and books including Time, Nation’s Business, Food Arts, and Landscape Architecture, Time Life’s “The Kentucky Derby”, Louisville, A River Serenade, The Dacian Chronicles, “Turning Heads: Portraits of Grace, Inspiration and Possibilities,” and many more.


John has had a number of one-person shows and has recently traveled to Russia, and Romania. He’s also photographed four presidents, spent a day covering Soviet Union Leader Mikhail Gorbachev, documented Humana’s helping hand in the hospitals of Romania and over a month on an elephant research project in Kenya. John has also photographed many celebrities and countless images of everyday folk.

He has won numerous awards for photography including being a repeated winner as Society of Professional Journalists’ Best Regional Magazine Photographer.

May 2nd, 2014 – HuskMitNavn “Wu Tan”

Danish Graffiti artist HUSKMITNAVN (RememberMyName) works in a multitude of media including, street art, paintings, drawings and graphics since the early nineties. He has marked his name both in Denmark and internationally by his controversial, humorous and political street art. His characteristic figures and comments are spread all over Europe and covers a wide area from graffiti in public space, illustrations for international magazines and newspapers into established settings as galleries and building adornments. By humorous reflections upon everyday life and politics, the art from HuskMitNavn involves society discourses. In a very personal style he comments on absurdities by stolid comments that give ‘food for thought’.



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