July 30, 2015 – Matt Wallace


Alexandre-Marie Colin. The Three Witches from “Macbeth,” 1827. This is a painting Matt Wallace used for inspiration for his production of the Scottish Play at Shakespeare in Central Park. Matt is the Artistic Director of Kentucky Shakespeare and talked with Keith about how such art becomes a valuable resource for both himself and the design team.

(audio file to come)

July 23 2015 – Brent Dedas

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We regret that technical difficulties prevent us from having the audio file for this broadcast, as our conversation with Brent was a particularly fine example of the discourse about contemporary artists that is our ambition. We spoke about Brent’s show at Galerie Hertz with Evan Fugazzi, “Painting & Drawing 2015 (pt2), which runs through August 31.

Brent’s work pushes further into abstraction but is still highly suggestive of specific form and texture; he is fascinated by rust and earth tones and has been mixing his own paints using iron oxides and other materials. He spoke at length about how much of an influence it had been to visit his father’s constructions sites as a child.

Brent is an instructor at Western Kentucky University, and the conversation turned to creativity within the academic community and the demand on artist/teachers. It was a good time!