Gaela Erwin & Keith Stone – July 14, 2016


Gaela Erwin was our first guest on PUBLIC this week. She discussed her 2 new exhibits opening at Hite Institute’s Cressman Center and The Speed Museum. Following her was be Keith Stone, who has a show at garner narrative right now. PUBLIC airs¬† Thursdays, 10am-11am, on 97.1 WXOX-FM, or stream it on


Noah Hewett-Ball & Whitney Foster, June 30, 2016

Good Morning Noah Hewett-Ball 25 x 48

“Good Morning”, by Noah Hewett-Ball, is part of the new LVA exhibit at Metro Hall, and Noah¬† joined us in the Artxfm studio to talk about his work on PUBLIC. Noah is also a member of the band CABIN, and we played several songs from their most recent release, It Is What It Looks Like.

We also talked with Whitney Foster, who works on the show, about AMC, or arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. June 30 was AMC Awareness Day.